May 22, 2013

Ikat Nails Tutorial

Hey guys, as promissed a quick tutorial on the rainbow ikat nails I did yesterday. They are perfect for spring and summer and  you can do them with any color you want.

1. Use your favorite base coat to protect your natural nail and then paint your nai with a light color, I chose a pastel yellow.
2. Make two irregular triangles using a brush. They dont need to be perfect and make sure they aren’t too close together.
3. Get black poish and make irregular strokes around the yellow part
4. Suround all the yellow bit
5. Make the same on all the yellow spots you created before. Make sure black and black don’t touch thereselves, that would ruin the design.
6. At the centre of the yellow spot make a white spot, it should also look irregular.
7. Get a small brush and at the centre make a few black strokes to finish the design.
8. Top coat your design to make it last longer and you are done!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you try it yourselves. I would love to see your different versions of my rainbow ikat nails. If you liked this don’t forget to check my other tutorials on the tutorials page. So like, share with your friends and comment if you have any questions or suggestions for nail art or tutorials. Happy polishing!

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