May 4, 2013

Easy and cute spring designs

Hey guys. So well as nice weather has finally arrived I decided to make two tutorials on some cute designs perfect for spring. I did these designs a while back I will link the photos at the end. They are easy to do so if you are a beginner and you want to try something new this spring why not some plants growing on your nails or some cute dasies on them. Let’s get this show started!

Growing plants:

1. Pick your favorite base coat and paint your nails a birght yellow

2. With a thin brush or small dotting tool make the first branch of the plant curling it at the end.

3. Make another branch. You can make it taller or shorter than the other one but not the same size.

4. Add some little leaves of different sizes to your design.

5. Paint your nails with a top coat to protect your design and you are done!

Dasies on black:


1. Paint your nails black and draw a little line with a brush or a dotting tool.

2. Pain a cross over the line to make the shape of the flower

3. Make the lines a bit thicker and round at the point so they look like petals

4. Repeat the same process and fill your nail with little white flowers

5. With a medium dotting tool and yellow polish create the little dots in the middle of the flowers

6. Add a top coat to protect your design and you are done!

I hope you like these designs. They are simple and do-able for beginners perfect for spring or whenever they look great on your nails. I did these designs before I got my blog and user name you can find them on my Instagram here and here. Don’t forget to like and comment if you have any questions about these designs. I hope you try them yourselves, and if you do let me know I would love to see how they turned out for you. Happy Polishing!

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