October 29, 2013

Scream! This is Halloween!

Hey guys! I'm back with another design for this Halloween themed week. This time I chose to inspire my design in a classic ''Nightmare Before Christmas'', one of my favorite movies ever. It has the best songs right?

I tried to put different elements from the film on the nails and I'm really happy with how they turned out, specially because the lines on the designs are quite clean and neat. I also like the design on my thumb, purple and yellow look great!

 I was lucky to find quite the right colors for all the designs, here are all the ones I used: 

I hope you liked this design inspired by ''Nightmare Before Christmas''. I'm looking forward to creating more spooky halloween designs, any suggestions? What things would you like to see? Let me know and happy polishing!

October 28, 2013

Bloody Drippin'

Hey guys! It's been a while... I keep getting stuff from university and I really don't have free time to do my nails and even less to post here. But I have a little surprise, I have decided to take small break from the 31 day challenge, which I have nearly finished, to dedicate this week to HALLOWEEN!

The first design I'll be posting is a typical drip mani, perfect for halloween and perfect for beginners! Bloody...........awesome right? Just kiding!

OK, so now I'm going to get a bit emotinal. Red dripping mani was in fact the first ever nail art design I did. I used a toothpick and I don't even have a decent photo of it! What a long journey have I done right?

I managed to find the perfect colors, my favorite nude and the bloodiest red I own, both from Essence.

I hope you liked this mani and you try it yourselves, you will find a wonderful tutorial on Lindsey's blog, aka Wondrously Polished. I am planing for at least two more halloween designs for this week. I hope you are looking forward to them because I am. Happy polishing!

October 22, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 24: Inspired By A Book (Coraline)

Hey guys! It's time for a new design! It's been three days and I can't let it be more! Today's mani had to be inspired by a book and I chose on of my favorite books which later became a movie ''Coraline''.

I tried to represent the most importante elements of the story on my nails.
  • Index: it's the key Coraline finds which will later open the door to ''the other side''
  • Middle and Ring: the needle and the two black buttons that the Other Mother wants to sow on her eyes. I know creepy right?
  • Pinky: the cat that helps Caroline through the story 
  • Thumb: I copied the title of the book in the same style and colors

This was the main inspiration for my middle and ring finger. It's the moment where the ''Other Mother'' shows her the black buttons.

These are all the colors I used for this design, I tried to get the exact green of the plate and I think I did it quite well, don't you think?

Have you read the book or seen the film adaptation? It may look like a book for kids but I wouldn't recommend it, it's a bit scary for the little ones but I love it! That's all for today I hope you liked the design. Happy polishing!

October 15, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 22: Inspired By A Song (Lightning Strikes - Aerosmith)

Hey guys! Have you missed me? It's time for a new design for the 31 day challenge. I'm slowly getting closer to the end of this challenge but I'm having so much fun. So today's theme was ''inspired by a song'' and of course I chose an Aerosmith song ''Lightnint Strikes'' from the album ''Rock In A Hard Place''.

I didn't quite know what to do, I just knew I wanted it to be an Aerosmith song, and the other day I was listening to this album and I thought it would make a great nail design. I guess not many people know this song by Aerosmith, as it's part of their least known album, so if you want you can listen to it here.

For the background I used different blues and a pink to give it some contrast and as my white polish has runned out I did the lightenings with a pastel yellow polish. These are the colors I used:

I hope you listen and enjoy this song as much as the nail design. I'm already planning a tutorial on this design so keep tunned. Happy polishing!

October 12, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 21: Inspired By A Color (I Feel Sexy)

Hey guys! It's time for a new design for the 31 day Challenge, today I'm starting the third and last phase of the challenge with a hot and sexy design inspired by one of the best reds I own ''Feme Fatal'' by Essence.

I thought the name of the color was sexy enough to inspire a design like this. My nails feel seeeexy! And saying this they also remind me of The Rock Horror Picture Show, one of the last scenes where they are all wearing corsets ang singing and Brad says ''I feel sexy''. However the name of the color just gave me the perfect idea and I loved doing this design it was so fun and ended up looking really well. I'm even showing you how my thumb turned out:

As I told you before the color I used was Feme Fatal by Essence, it's one of the first red polishes I bought and still one of the favorites I own, it even made it into My Top 10.

I hope you enjoyed this design and you are lookig forward for more. Have a nice weekend and happy polishing to you all!

October 8, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 20: Watermarble

Hey guys! I finally found some time to do my nails. I've been postponing this last mani for the second phase of the 31 day Challenge for too long! Me and the watermarble technique aren't really friends but it's a challenge and I have to do every single design! So this was the result of I think the more acceptable and decent watermarble I've done.

I know they aren't the best watermarble you have seen but I'm quite proud, it shows I'm improving my techniques with the challenge and that's what all this is about. My index finger is the one that sucks less I think.

These are the three colors I used. I've found that of all the polishes I own, Catrice is the best for watermarbling.

I really needed to do my nails. It had been five days guys!! FIVE DAYS!! I have a new design to upload soon starting the third phase of the nail art Challenge, I'm so excited with all the themes. Have a nice week and happy polishing!

October 5, 2013

Lace Tutorial

Hey guys! I am so sorry I can't post a new mani for the 31 day challenge, I'm really busy with university and my choir. Singfònics, the choir that I'm in, is on a TV program and we have rehearsals everyday and it occupies most of my time. I thought as I can't give you a new design I would give you a tutorial for my Lace It Up design from last week.

1. Paint your nails with your favorite base coat and a base color, I chose this pastel purple.
2. Paint a black half circle on your nail as you were going to do a halfmoon mani.
3. Make a curved line at some distance from the half circle and draw some lines.
4. Paint little half circles around the line you just created
5. Go from end to end of the nail, it's quite a difficult step so be patient. I finished my nails here as I was really happy with how they looked but you can continue with the next steps if you want a more fuller nail.
6. From the borders of your nail make two curved lines that meed in the middle.
7. Draw another curved line where the other two lines met.
8. Just above the line we just did make a more curved one.
9. With a really small dotting tool or the same nail art brush male little dots to finish the design and make it look more like lace.
10. Add a top coat to protect your design and you have finished with your lace design.

This is the final result following the steps until 5, but you can continue and fill your nail with the rest of the design.


These are the two colors I used for this design but you can try many combinations, different base colors, white or gray for the lace pattern. Anything is valid!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I will do my best to try and do my nails this week. Next theme is watermarble and I suck so hard at watermarble but well... that's what challenge are for, trying to improve and trying things you wouldn't normally do right? Wish me luck and happy polishing!