September 21, 2014

Red Floral Paisley

Happy Sunday lovely followers! My first week back at classes and at my new job was a success. My kids are amazing and my work colleagues have helped me so much in my first week. I've found myself quite exhausted but I tried to put together this post before the week ended.

I've decided that I will probably be doing my nails at night after uni and work and this is a design I did the other night which I hope you like.

This design is a floral paisley inspired by my bed sheets, some of you may know which ones I'm talking about if you follow me on instagram because I think I've used them as background for some pictures.

However I thought the pattern was gorgeous and I knew that someday it would end on my nails for sure. I used Do you Speak Love by Essence as a base color, a perfect red isn't it?

My thumb nail is still growing that's why there's just a few pictures for this design. It's nearly to it's normal length so I'm being patient.

I hope you liked this design. I will have some exciting news soon for you all. I hope you have a nice end of the weekend. See you soon. Happy polishing!

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