May 2, 2013

Dot to Dot!

Hey guys! Well I have a little bit of bad news, well not bad it’s just not good. I will be doing quite easy nail art designs from now to mid june because I have tons of work for university. My final exams are just round the corner and I have lots of studying to do. But don’t worry that doesn’t mean I will stop posting or anything omg I can’t!
It isn’t all bad news, when I tried today making some dandelions on my nails and failed I thought wait a second I have new dotting tools! And I have never done a dotticure. I did once on my sister but that was long time ago. Everyone who does nail art has sometime done a polka dot design. So I decided today would be the day I would use my dotting tools and I also would use colors I hadn’t used yet or I just love and haven’t used much. Well, let’s get to the point and show the result.

 As I was saying I recently bought a bunch of tools and nail wheels so now I’m officially well prepared for nail art. I used to do my dots with a needle, sad isn’t it. I said goodbye to those as soon as I got my new tools. Now i have lots of tools and nail tips to swatch my polishes and everything. Here’s the dotting tools I used for this design, I used three different sizes to create the dots on my nails:

These are the colours I used for this mani. The orange polish (Orange-Utan by Catrice) I really have been wanting to use it and the blue polish (Let’s Get Lost by Essence) is a really nice blue and I had only used once.

I hope you liked this design. I am planning on uploading some tutorials on two simple designs for spring and also I will be continuing with the Deadly Sins Challenge. Keep tunned in because even if I have exams The Nail Art Show Must Go On! Don’t forget to like and comment if you have any questions. Happy polishing!

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