May 7, 2013

Red Galaxy

Hey guys, I warned you I wanted to do galaxy nails and here they are I couldn’t wait anymore! After doing those tests on my nail wheel, which you can see here, I fell in love with the red galaxy I tried. When I see galaxy nails I normally see them with purples and blues, reds aren’t that common so I went for a less common look.

They turned out like as I expected and I really like them. Plus the glitter looks gorgeous in sunlight. I can’t stop looking at my nails so shiny and sparkly.

After uploading those tests on galaxy designs some people asked for a tutorial on them so I will be uploading a tutorial on this design later on today or tomorrow with all the steps and colors I used. When I finish my work for university…. I seriously can’t wait until I finish my exams and summer arrives!

I hope you liked my design and you keep tunned for my tutorial on these galaxy nails. Don’t forget to share, like and comment if you have any questions or just a suggestion of nail art you want me to do. Have a lovely day and wish me luck on my literature exam tomorrow. Happy polishing lovelies!

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