September 8, 2014

Abstract Nature

Hello lovelies! Last week of holiday and a terrible thing happened the other day. I had the most terrible and painful break on the hand I do my nail art on. However I was lucky enough for it to be my thumb which I normally don't show and I can easily regrow without much pain.

After leting you know this, which I really don't know if you care or not but it's my blog and I will tell you anyway, I will show you today's design.

This abstract design was inspired by some pattern I saw somewhere and it gave me an awesome idea for nail art. I have noticed that this one too has leaves, is it my subconcious telling me summer is ending and autumn is nearly here?

I used one of the five polishes a friend of mine brought me from Sweeden on her holiday and I have to say this red shade is really vibrant, I love it. Any of my Sweedish followers knows this brand? Nordic Cap it's called.

I also mattified this design as the last one. I thought it looked awesome and to be honest... I love matte designs they just look better some times.

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and that tomorrow isn't too painful. See you soon with more nail art. Happy polishing!

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