August 31, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 12: Stripes (Stripes n' Roses)

Hey guys! I nearly forgot to post these nails for the 31 day Challenge. Today's theme for this mani was stripes. I thought just doing some stripes wasn't enough I wanted to do some nail art and I just added some little red roses on top of the stripes. Let's see what you think of this design.

I think this is the first time I'm actually happy with free handed stripes, normally I suck at making straight parallel lines but this time I'm really happy with the result. What about the flowers? I think they also look pretty cute.

These are all the colors I used for this design:

I hope you enjoyed this design and the name I gave to it. I know I still have to upload the tutorial on the palmtree design I haven't forgot about it. Keep tuned for it. Happy polishing!

August 28, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 11: Polka Dots (Dot To The Top!)

Hey lovelies! I can't believe I'm already starting the second phase of the 31 day Challenge. I'm really enjoying this and it's really helping me get better at some techniques like gradient manicures. I'm so happy about my sponging techiniques that I couldn't help to slip another gradient into this mani with polka dots as a theme.

I wasn't really inspired when I did this but it actually turned out pretty nice, a bit too girly for me because I don't usually wear pink but I had to try these new pink polishes I bought.

It's a really simple and cute design I really love how the dots seem to appear from the gradient. These are the two colors I used for this mani. Two new shades of pink from Catrice.

Are you getting tired of this challenge? because I'm not! I hope you guys liked my design. I will be uploading a tutorial soon for my last mani so keep tuned. Happy polishing!

August 25, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 10: Gradient (Palm Trees at Sunset)

Hey guys! Today's design is the las mani for the first phase of the 31 day Challenge, this phase was all inspired by colors. The last mani for this part of the challenge was gradient, something that I suck at, well I sucked at. I am happy to inform you that I've actually gotten a bit better with my gradient with sponging technique and I would like to share my work with this simple gradient with some nail art.

I'm so happy that this gradient isn't a fail. I just need to get a little bit better with the direction I sponge because it came out a bit well... the colors werent blending straight they were kind of in diagonal but well practice will make perfect or at least decent.

I used three colors for the gradient and a make up sponge, I will be listing all these things on another post as I will be doing a tutorial on how to do this design, keep tuned for it. I hope you like this design and look forward for the tutorial. Happy polishing!

August 22, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 9: Rainbow Nails

Hey guys! Don't you think after black and white themed nails and a metallic theme mani we need a bit of color? Today's theme for the challenge is rainbow nails, a bit of color for my babies!

Straight parallel lines aren't really my thing but I really like how the colors look together and I think I really didn't do that bad right? I should have used striping tape but that was too much work and a big mess if it didnt turn out as I wanted. I'm pretty happy with the result.

These are all the colors I used for this rainbow mani:

Even if the lines aren't the srtaightest lines I've painted I think the mani in general looks pretty nice. What do you guys thinkg? I'm just one design away from finishing the first phase of the challenge. I'm having so much fun! I really recommend doing it! I hope you liked this mani, happy polishing lovelies!

August 19, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 8: Metallic Nails

Hey guys! I've finally got the camera I use for my nail pictures back and I can finally post this design. Day 8 of the 31 day Challenge theme was metallic so I did a quic metallic waterfall design. You can check the tutorial for this design and the colors of this metallic waterfall right here.

I got all my metallic polishes and put together this waterfall mani really quick and cute design, don't you think? My tips aren't in really good condition I know. I've worn this nails for three days untill I could take a photo of them.

Remember to check my tutorial for this design. I hope you liked it and happy polishing!

August 15, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 7: Black and White (B&W Mix and Match)

Hey guys! Just another design for the 31 day challenge. I've been wanting to do a Mix and Match mani and as the theme was just black and white I thought it would be the perfect occasion for one.

I decided to do a different design on each nail. I really just went for random designs which would look nice in black and white. At the end I was quite pleased with the result and I like them quite a lot. I used Black To The Roots by Catrice and just a white base color by Belle.

I'm sorry about the quality of the picture today. My parents are away on vacation and they took the good camera away so I had to take my photos with another one.

What do you think about this Mix and Match design? I hope you like it and see you on the next 31 day challenge mani. Happy polishing!

August 12, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 6: Blue Nails (Blue Skies)

Hey guys! Just a new post for the 31 day Challenge. Today's theme was blue nails and recently I bought this beautiful pale blue, the color of the sky. I decided to do a sky related mani, I had done something similar only sky and clouds so I decided to add some kites.

I also decided to make it matte. I bought a matte top coat this weekend and, well I've been wanting one forever, and I couldn't wait to use it! What do you thinkg? It's my first matte manicure and I really like the effect. You will be seeing more matte stuff I think I will play around with my matte top coat!

These are all the colors I used to create this design, quite I lot right?

I've already planed my new design for day 7 and I can't wait to show you guys. Are you enjoying your holiday? I hope you are. Happy polishing lovelies!

August 8, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 5: Violet Nails

Hey guys! Today's mani is a new design for the 31 day Challenge. The theme for today's nails was violet and as I didn't want to do something really detailed I went and did a cute gradient dotticure.

I chose a range of purples to create a gradient effect using dots of different sizes which I created with different dotting tools. The result was a cute and simple design.

What do you think? It's the first time I've done a gradient using just dots but I think it looks really nice. The gradient effect is more subtile but I like it quite a lot! Have you ever done a gradient dotticure?

These are the colors I used in order of application from the top of the nail to the tip:

I hope you enjoyed this mani for the 31 day challenge. To see more designs I've done for other challenges just visit my Challenges page. Have a nice day and happy polishing!

August 6, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 4: Green Nails (Sweet Kiwi)

Hey guys! I got inspired this morning and I decided to do a cute fruity mani for today's theme: green nails. The nails aren't maybe green enough but what counts is that green makes me think of one of my best friends, she loves green because she loves kiwis. That's the story! Enjoy my kiwi manicure for the 4th day of the 31 day Challenge.

Don't they look cute? They were quick and easy to do. Plus I've been wanting to do kiwis forever because of my friend and well here they are and I dedicate them to you Joa! I love you so much!

These are the colors I used for this mani. I have to say that Bocca Mocha by Sally Hensen was the perfect brown for the kiwis' skin!

 I hope you enjoyed this sweeeeeet design. This challenge is beeing great! Happy polishing!

August 4, 2013

31 Day Challenge - Day 3: Yellow Nails (We All Live In A Yellow Submarine!)

Hey guys! My crisis of lack of inspiration still continues so I'm keeping up with my 31 day challenge manis. Today's theme was yellow nails and I just bought a new yellow polish (Yellow Daffodil - Astor) and I couldn't wait to try it.

What says yellow more than a Yellow Submarine themed nails!! I mean the color just fits perfectly and well my attempt at drawing a little yellow submarine on my ring finger turned out pretty cool.

I thought the submarine would look odd but I carefully did the lines as neat as I could and I tried to copy the exact shape and at the end I think it looks quite well. What do you think?

These are the colors I used for the mani, my new yellow polish of course and this amazing orange called Flashy Pumpkin by Essence.

Keep tuned for more 31 day challenge manis. I hope you liked this design. Happy polishing!

August 2, 2013

31 Day Challenge - Day 2: Orange Nails

Hey guys! Just posting a quick mani for the 31 Day Challenge! Today's theme was Orange nails. I decided to use my new orange polish by Astor, which I actually can't remember the name of, sorry.

I just painted my nails with my new orange polish and then placed some hexagon glitter chevrons just like that. Simple and cute design, I didn't have time to do more complex things but I think they look really cute!

What do you think of my new orange polish? I think it looks really nice and summerish. I'm quite enjoying this challenge and it's just been two days but I can already picture some cool designs! I'm really looking forward to the next themes.

Go and check what Popping Nails has done for the second day of the challenge here. I'll try and keep up with her as she will be doing a mani everyday!! Happy polishing lovelies!