June 10, 2013


Hey guys! I don't know what's happening to me, three nail fails in two afternoons... Now I have all the time of the world I'm on holiday, bye exams and bye uni so I can do all the nail art I want but the three designs I've tried lately have been a big fail.

Today I tried sunflowers for the first time. Flowers and I are good friends I mean I think I'm quite good and flowered designs. The idea I had in mind was simple sunflowers over a blue aquamarine background. Easy peasy right? Well NO! I did two failed attempts until I came out with this... It's decent but stil I don't really like it.

I really hate them LOL! What's wrong I mean now I have time to do my nails I can't do them right. Plus I am strugling to find ideas and designs to do. Thank god for the challenge wich makes it easier for me hahah.

These are the colors I used for the design. I really love my base color for this design, it's beautiful!

Well girls could you give me ideas for future designs? What things shall I do? My brain is on holiday!! Well I hope you don't hate this design. Like it and share it or maybe not haha. Happy polishing!

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