May 4, 2013

The Universe On Your Nails!

Hi guys, well I just finished painting my nails, which I will be uploading tomorrow. Why tomorrow, because it’s a 5 de Mayo inspired mani and I will post them tomorrow because it’s obvious LOL. Well I just finished doing my nails and I wanted to do more! Yeah I told you I had lots of work for my final exams but specially when this happens and I have studying to do is when I get more creative. It’s been ages since I did my last galaxy inspired mani, and I’m like crazy with galaxy universe print. I even have galaxy leggins, which I totally love and adore.
So here is what I did while I should have been studying…. I recently told you I bought a load of stuff for nail art including these fantastic wheels, so I started a Galaxy wheel. I made four different designs with different colors all on a black base color except one. And they all turned out great! I think I will be doing galaxy on my nails really soon because I’m absolutely in love with them!
I hope you like galaxy nails as much as I do. Keep tunned for my 5 de Mayo mani and don’t forget to like, share and comment if you have any questions or suggestions. Would you like to see more designs like these?

Okay…. I did some more. Now I can’t stop lol I hope you don’t mind.


  1. Which polishes did you use on the purple-blue one? I'm in love with these.
    Lots of love from Brazil :)

    1. Which one the oe with black base color in the middle or the one with blue base color next to it?

    2. The one with the Blue base.

    3. I can try to take a photo of the colors or list them here if I remember them lol :)