February 26, 2014

Warhol's Flowers Tutorial

Hey guys! My laptop and I have been reunited after three long days and I have recovered the pictures for my tutorial. This is the easiest of designs, doable for anyone of you, beginners or pros. Plus it's the cutest of floral manis.

February 22, 2014

Blue Baroque

Hey guys! How has this week been? After some days rocking my Warhol's Flowers I decided it was time to do some nail art. Today I bring a design inspired by one of my favorite nail artists as you all already know, Lindsey from Wondrously Polished.

February 16, 2014

Warhol's Flowers

Hi guys! How was you Valentine's Day? I've had a wonderful weekend, I had friends over to my place, pizza, party and I even had time to do some nail art. This design, as you can tell by the title, was inspired by one of Andy Warhol's works and it's totally doable for anyone!

February 11, 2014

Naughty Valentine

Hi guys! Valentine's Day is nearly here and I have another design for those who like me are not that into romanticism. There's other ways of celebrating Valentine's Day than chocolates and roses.

February 7, 2014

Queen of Hearts

Hey guys! I am back from London, in fact I came back on Wednesday but I've been recovering. I was exhausted. I saw lots of things and I had a fantastic time. Let's get to what really matters, my new design inspired by Nicole gets Nailed.

Valentine's day is near and I wanted to do something related but not that obvious. I'm not a fan of pink and girly manis so I did this Queen of Hearts manicure. You could wear it for Valentine's day esasily. Eventhough I don't think a queen who cuts people's heads off is very romantic, don't you think?

I did little hearts on my thumb as I did little crowns on my pinky to finish the design. Even if the design isn't that related to Valentine's day I think you could pull it off, and if not it's perfect for any other occasion.

These are all the colors I used. I realised they are practically the same ones as I used in my Pick Me Some Daisies design, except the red of course.

I had a wonderful time in London and I wish I could have stayed longer, everyone loved my London inspired nails. But I have to go back to my normal life. On Monday I'm going back to uni so work and studying again... I hope this last weekend of freedom is great! Have a nice weekend and happy polishing!

February 2, 2014

London, Here I Come!

Hey guys! Tomorrow morning I'm leaving for my three day trip to London and of course my naisl had to match the occasion. I'll just be there for two nights but I'm so excited about it. I've just been there once and I was like six years old, I can hardly remember anything.

I tried to put the most iconic elements on this design. My index is the subway sign, my middle finger is of course the Union Jack, a typical red phone box on my ring finger and a bit of the subway map on my pinky. On my thumb I tried to paint a nice crown wich turne out quite good.

Red and blue are the stars of this mani but I also used other colors like gold polish for the crown. Here are all the polishes I used to create this manicure.

I'll just be away until Wednesday and I already have a post planned for when I come back. Probably I'll post it on Thursday because I'm arriving late on Wednesday. Have a nice week, I will sure enjoy my time away. I will tell you all about it when I come back. Happy polishing!!