May 20, 2013

Deadly Sins Challenge – Day 9: Wrath (Watermarble)

Hey guys! Well it’s time for a new entry to the Deadly Sins Challenge. Today’s theme was ”Get mad trying, again, that technique you know it’s going to be a fail”. Since I started doing nail art I’ve struggled with watermarbling… I’ve tried it so many times and I fail harder everytime. I had the hope that as today it didn’t matter if I did a mess, as that’s the idea of the sin today, it would turn out not good but acceptable, but it didn’t happen.

 It was a total mess and a big big NAIL FAIL! I mean look at them they look horrible! The photo is terrible, I know, I was so angy about how they turned out I didn’t even bother about my hand pose or the cleaning up, I didn’t even put a proper water mark – who would want to steal this huh?. At this moment my nails are naked because I prefer them to be naked than looking like this lol. Watermarbling is great I mean it looks great on people who know how to do them, but on me its always a fail. I don’t even know what I do wrong… Plus I leave everything really messy after I do watermarble just look:

 This is what my dinning room table looked like after I finished, after I finished did the photo and then went right away to the bathroom grabbed cotton pads and removed ASAP! ahahahah Well when I do watermarble I always have a less hated nail and today that would be my ring finger, which actually doesn’t look that bad. But one finger didn’t save this mani from going off my nails straight away.

These are the colours I used for this failed design:

The result of this mani was terrible but well that was the objective, I had to get mad – I’m really really mad right now – and I had to try that technique I know I’m awful at, and that would be my beloved watermarbling technique – I HATE YOU, you are messy, a pain and you get in my cuticle and under my nails!
Well guys that was all. If you know any tricks about watermarbling or you know how I can do it better let me know. I wouldn’t share or like this mani hahahaha just tell me which is that technique that makes you mad because you can’t seem to dominate? Let me know on the comments below. Angry polishing!

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