May 9, 2013

Deadly Sins Challenge – Day 06: Greed (My Precious)

Hey guys well today is another manicure for the Deadly sins challenge. Today’s sin is greed and the theme was ” Remember, more is more, don’t hold yourself back”. Okay so this is my first time using any kind of loose glitter or studs or whatever you want to call hexagon glitter so I bought it and tried to fill a nail with hexagon glitter as I had seen on the internet, but as you can imagine it didn’t turn out as I expected so after failing on one nail I took them all off. I had to do something with those glitters, which I bought in Essence but are too big to cover a whole nail, that’s why I couldn’t make it look nice, i just went a bit simple but well they are shiney and precious and I’ve paid money for the glitter so I’m not throwing them away, they are my precious hahah I quite like them but they are a bit too big to do what I wanted.

 They don’t look that bad but I’m not used to not doing nail art on my nails it’s a bit weird. I think I will get rid of them asap, well if i have time. I hope you like them more than I do hahaah. If anyone was wondering what wonderful color I used, because you have to admit it’s a gorgeous blue it’s Love Nails by Sinful Colors, this one right here:

Well guys don’t forget to share, like and comment if you have any questions or suggestions. Happy polishing.

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