September 29, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 19: Galaxy (You Can Paint With All The Colors Of The Universe)

Hey guys! It's time for another mani for the 31 day challenge. It has finally arrived, galaxy themed nails! As you may all know galaxies are one of my favorite things to do. Do you remember when I went crazy and did all those galaxies on a nail wheel? I couldn't wait for galaxy day and here you have five different galaxies, each one on a different finger. Enjoy!

I was feeling inspired today and I really wanted to enjoy myself with this design so I did five different color combinations on each finger. And it's strange that actually my favorite combination was the one I did on my thumb, wich I don't really show because I got it caught in a door as a kid and it's a bit strange, but here you are:

I think I had never used so mani colors for a design, I mean it's like 4-6 colors for each nail. I took photos off all the color combinations so you can see which ones I used in case you like them so much you also want to do a galaxy design with the same colors. Here are all the colors I used for each nail:






When I finished the design my desk was a mess with so many bottles, I also used a black base polish 'Black on Black' by Sinful Colors and the silver glitter is 'Helo Holo' by Essence.

Which finger do you like the most? They were so fun to do I really recommend trying a galaxy design this week. I have a tutorial here if you want to check it out and also other galaxy manis here. I hope you liked this design and happy polishing!

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