January 20, 2015

Frozen, Snowflakes Nail Art

Hello everyone! We could say I've been hivernating...well actually I've been really busy with my final exams and my job. December and January are always tough months for university students. It's been a month since I posted anything here and I'm really sorry. My exams are finally over and I was dying for some nail art.

Winter is not over yet and I couldn't help recreating this awesome design by Wondrously Polished before the cold is gone.

January 3, 2015

2014 Nail Art Favorites, Which is your favorite?

Happy new year, said I three days late. I came back from visiting my family in Manchester just yesterday and I noticed I had not done my 2014 favorites. Here's a compilation of my favorite designs done during this year. Tell me, which one is your favorite?

This year started really well, lots of nail art and different techniques and ideas. However with the start of the new academic course my activity decreased a lot. With univesity and my new part time job I really can't spend so much time doing nail art which is a big shame. As I can't paint my nails really often I enjoy every second of it and the results are pretty good, don't you think?

Some of the designs are part of challenges I've done this year, some are holiday related and the are just random designs I've been doing.

Day 10: Night Sky - The Nail Art Show
The Flowers of the Sun
Day 9: Inner Geek - The Nail Art Show
Trust Me I'm the Doctor by Polish Addict: Swatches and Nail Art
Abstract Nature
Roses Are Red, This Floral Is Too
Day 16: Doodles
Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge - Day 7: Primary Colors
Autumn Leaves
Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge - Day 3: Warm vs Cool
Dream On, Aerosmith Nail Art
Mani Swap with Lindsey from Wondrously Polished: Feather and Floral Nail Art
Out of this World, Green Galaxy
Graveyards, Halloween Skyline
Mother of Dragons

I hope you have had a wonderful 2014. As you all know this year has been pretty tough on me and I just hope 2015 is better for all of us. Enjoy the rest of the holiday and have a wonderful weekend. Happy polishing!