December 20, 2013

31 Day Challenge Round Up

Hey guys! I think it's time I finally post a review on the 31 day challenge, don't you think? I have finally finished my classes until january when I'll have the rest of my finals exams so I found some time to make a little collage with all the designs for the challenge to put together all the designs.

I can really notice the evolution I have made at least with my pose and the photographs I have taken. I still have to work on the lighting on the photos because it's different in each one. However the complexity of my designs has grown and I've been able to think out of the box for some designs.

I'm actually really pleased and happy that I decided to start this challenge, I have learnt so much and I've tried new things. That's the point of all this right? I still have a long way to go but there's lots of challenges out there I can try.

Which designs is your favorite? I can't really decide because I mean I really like how my galaxies turned out but also my Starry Night recreation. LOVE THEM ALL! I hope that all of you have a wonderful weekend and happy polishing!

December 17, 2013

Grown Up Floral

Hey guys! Yes I know..... I'm alive though I just wanted to let you know by posting a quick design while I'm still preparing my round up post for the 31 day Challenge and while I finish all the university work I have.

I was inspired by a wonderful design by Candice which I recently discovered on instagram @mrcandiipants. She is an amazing artist and has wonderful ideas for nail art you should check her out. This design looked easy and cute so I went and tried to recreate it using two tones of green polishes. I am really busy guys sorry I didn't even take a decent photo of them. These are the colors I used to create this design:

I promisse, well at least I'll try, to make some more nai lart during the holidays. What I do know is that during the last two weeks of january I will have a holiday too and no exams or papers or essays to do and I will do an intensive nail art week! I hope you liked this design and have a nice week. Happy polishing

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December 9, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 31: Recreate Your Favorite Challenge (Menage A Triangle)

Hey guys! It's been a while but this week has been crazy. I have tons of work I hope when I finish my finals in January I have some time at last to do some real nail art and make more than 8 posts in a month! Let's leave my stuff and let's get to the point. Today I am happy to present the last design of the 31 day challenge!! I can't believe it, I mean it's taken me like forever but I've reached the end!

For my last design I chose to recreate the ''Inspired By A Pattern'' theme in the challenge.

For my previous ''Inspired by A Pattern'' design I did Sherlock Holmes wall paper, here. I have chosen to make something totally different. The first one was black and white this has lots of shades of blue, the other one was nature-like patter and this one is geometrical.

I used four different blues and white to create this design. These are all the colors that I used:

I am so happy to have finished the challenge. It has been a wonderful experience. I will post a round up of all the designs shortly and I will make a kind of review of the experience of my first 31 day challenge. Until then you can find all the designs here. Happy polishing!

December 3, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 30: Inspired By A Tutorial (Purple Nimbus)

Hey guys! I'm back with another design for the 31 day challenge, I'm so close to ending the challenge I can't believe it! Today's theme was inspired by a tutorial and I saw this awesome mani by The Nailasaurus some time ago and she posted a tutorial on how to do it. The technique is called nimbus and it looks really cool. I tried my best but they don't quite look like hers.

It really doesn't have to look this bad.... It should be more like faded. I don't know how to explain it. You should really check The Nailasaurus tutorial on Nimbus nails. Her's look awesome! Maybe mine don't look as good because I didn't use pure acetone. I'll try with that the next time I try them.

These are the colors I used. You can try different combinations. Sammy has already done pink nimbus, green and also blue nimbus and they all look amazing.

I really like the idea and I will try to perfectionate them when I buy some acetone. I still don't know what my last design for the 31 day challenge will be. The theme says to recreate my favorite challenge. What should I do? Check all the manis I have done until know here and let me know. Have a great week and happy polishing lovelies!