March 26, 2014

Abstract Nature

Hi guys! I'm trying my best not to take like forever to upload new designs on the blog. This week I've finished that job that has kept me so busy this month. I have managed to organize my time to show you this cute design.

Some time ago I saw a photo on Lindsey's instagram and she did this quick mani with this wonderful design. I fell in love with the pattern and I could not help myself.

The base is a gradient and it looks alright! You know how I suck at gradients. I was so happy that I didn't fail. Furthermore it's been forever since I tried a gradient and didn't just give up after the first nail looked terrible. Maybe I'm even getting better at it.

Here's a close up of the design. I'm happy that it ended up looking nice and delicate. I wasn't quite sure because of all the dots in the middle it would end up looking crammed but Lindsey's idea was perfect.

The color combination is something I really like. It makes the patter look like abstract plants. The green I used as a based was a free polish I got when I bought some clothes the other day.

I hope you liked this design. I totally adore it I've worn it for some days now. I will be sad when I take them off, but life goes on and new nail art must come. Have a good week and happy polishing.