May 16, 2014

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge - Day 11: Wallpaper

Thank God its Friday! This week has been terrible, I've had so little time for nail art and so much work. However I'm at least kind of keeping up with the challenge.

Today the theme was wallpaper and the first idea that came to my mind was the typicall 70s orange and yellow design.

As simple as this design looks it was a total pain to do. I had to paint the circles and try to make them look as round as I could. The brown smallest circles I could do with a dotting tool but the rest is all free hand.

They deffinitely look better in person and from far away. This close photographs show all the flaws. Although they could have turned out better I really like the color combo and as I said they look great from far away.

I am hoping to get some more designs done when I finish my exams in two/three weeks. I will keep up with the challenge for sure. Maybe I'll be a bit late like today but I'll keep on doing them.

When I finish my exams I'll be ready to show you lots of things, including swatches and nail art. I hope you have a great weekend, I'll spend mine studying. Keep checking Lindsey's designs on the inlinkz below, you must! They are amazing!