June 3, 2013

Deadly Sins Challenge – Day 11: Envy (Green for Envy)

Hello guys! Well I've been a bit behing with my Deadly Sins Challenge but here you have my entry for day 11. The theme for todays design was recreating another many of the ladies who are taking part, I chose a Paper Thin Nails design. She has amazing designs and you should check her blog if you haven't yet!

As a base color I used Genious in a Bottle by Catrice. I have hardly use this color and I don't know why because it looks amazing. Here are two pictures of a swatch of this color, one indoors and the other with sunlight:

I used different greens to recreate the design. Mine is slightly different from hers but I think it looks really nice. I quite like how they turned out. What do you thinkg? 

These are the colors I used for this design. I used my favorite greens. I know you see them alot on my designs but i think they are lovely and the best greens for envy nails. 

I hope you liked this recreation of Paper Thin Nails' design. Don't forget to like, share and comment if you have any questions or suggestions. Happy polishing!