April 18, 2015

For Odin and For Nail Art! Viking Runes

Hello my lovely followers. I don't need to explain why I haven't posted anything in so long you already know. I just had the best idea for a nail art design and found some time today to paint it. I had left my nails grow like claws and I filed them and gave them some love. And theeeen! I just painted and disconnected from the world.

Some of you all might know about my TV show addiction. So Vikings is one of the ones I watch, and truely love. Do you watch the show too? Today I though that Viking runes would make a terrific design and I went for it.

These were in fact so quick and easy to do you would never tell. On the base I used the saran wrap technique to create a stone effect. You can find a tutorial on how to create this effect here. Then I just painted some rune symbols over the gray base and taadaaa! This wonderful design came out!

I hope you still read my blog and you have not forgotten about me because of my innactivity. I really wish I had more spare time for my nails. However when I do have some time I still enjoy every second of my nail art. I hope you liked this design. Don't forget to comment if you have any questions about the technique or if you just want to say how pretty they are (?) just kidding. Have a nice weekend and happy polishing!


  1. Hello,

    i really love that style.
    To be honest I am not in this nail art stuff ... just top, base coat and polish.
    But I thought about how cool it would be to have runes on the nails and so google led me to you :).

    So I am totally unexperienced with this stuff.
    Would you please tell me exactly what I need to copy this style ?
    (pencils, polisch with every brand you would take.)

    You make impressing things.

    Thanks a lot and sorry for my poor english.


  2. You know i have never been a fan of nail art but this just completely changed my mind about it. I absolutely love this. And want to get it for myself. Great stuff.