June 25, 2013

June Nail Art Challenge – Day 24: Simple (When The Lightning Strikes)

Hey guys! Today's design is a new one for nail art June challenge. Today I've started my new job, I take care of kids in the afternoon so I'll have to start diong my nails in the mornings.

Today's theme was ''simple'' so I just did bolt shapes over the best orange ever! They were quick and easy. I really like how this color looks with black!

At first I wanted to do like a Bowie related mani, because I wanted to add some colors to the bolts but that would end up being quite complex. At the end I just did the bolts with black over this amazing orange. This polish is ''Flashy Pumpkin'' by Essence, and well the name says it all right?

I hope you liked this simple mani, you can really try this one out it's simple and easy to do. But you need a thin brush or striper to do this, you can also check some other DIY in my tutorials page. Feel free to ask me anything. Happy polishing and have a lovely week!

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