October 31, 2014

Green Slime Nail Art

Hello my lovely followers! Before the month ends I'm posting the last Halloween nail art. Do you have any Halloween plans? I'm dressing up as overdosed Mia Wallace from Pulp fiction and going out with my friends.

Today I decided to do a drip design, just as I did last year for Halloween. This time isntead of blood it's green slime dripping down my nails.

I had to paint my nails green for a photoshoot with my choir and I thought about this design. It ended up looking amazing I think. I added different shades of green and neon yellow to add texture to the slime and the result was quite good.

I've recieved a few compliments on these nails they are quite simple but the effect is quite real. What do you think of them?

I hope you have a wonderful and safe night today. Eat lots of candy, scare people, get scared and have lots of fun. I'll be back with more designs soon. Happy polishing!

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