June 5, 2013

Flowered design Tutorial

Hey guys, so as promissed yesterday here's the tutorial on my Flowered design for June Nail Art Challenge. I would say anyone can do this design, there's no special tools you need and you don't need to have steady hands.

This design can be done with different colors and if you want you could start the flowers from the tip and make a french flowered manicure. The possibilities with this kind of design are infinite. Let's get the show started!

1. Start applying your favorite basecoat to protect your natural nails. Paint your nails a pastel yellow.
2. Get a brush, no need for it to be really thin, and make random flowerish shapes with the first color you want for your design, I chose Yellow Sub-Mandarin by Catrice. They don' have to be perfect, hell they don't even have to look like flowers.
3-4-5-6. Using the same technique make random flowers on your nail and leave a black space on your tip. The flowers should be quite close together.
7. Get some black polish and make the centres of the flowers, don't use a dotting dool because it would look to perfect.
8. Top coat your design and it's ready!

It wasn't that difficult right? Let me see your versions of this design. Try it yourselves and post your pictures on instagram and tag #thenailartshow for me to see them. You can also have a chance ov being promoted on Firdays.

Don't fogert to like, share and comment if you have any questions about the tutorial. Happy polishing!

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