June 22, 2013

Holo Spirals

Hey guys, I had some time left yesterday after going out to buy me a new bikini, yay at last, and I decided to do a quick design using black polish and silver holo!

I really like how the holographic polish looks with black and the spiral forms were fun to paint. And they were quite easy to do, they look like a goth candy cane.

As a base I used my KIKO holographic polish, this one and a blue holo also from KIKO are the only holos I own but I really like them. They look so cool in the sun.

Do you own any holo polishes? What do you think about them? I think they are so cool, I know they are a trend but I think they won't be left behind I mean crackled or however you spell that, polish was terrible I really hate that one but holo is amazing! Happy polishing lovelies!

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