June 13, 2013

June Nail Art Challenge – Day 13: Sea Critters (Mermaid)

Hey lovelies! New mani for nail art june challenge today. The theme for today's design is ''sea critters''. I didn't want to do the tipical fish or seahorses or such things because I already did fishes for the ocean themed design, so I decided to make a mermaid.

This design consists on a really light gradient, yes me doing a gradient and not failing at it!!!! and the silhouette of a mermaid and I also added a little bit of glitter.  You are probably asking yourself ''Oh that gradient doesn't suck like all the other gradients she does, or tries to do''. The answer is I actually used another technique to create this gradient.

I painted all my nails blue and then on a paper painted two lines of polish with the colors I wanted to use: light blue and a darker blue. With a thick brusk just go over the polish, this is what you would do for one stroke flowers, then I just painted my nail horizontally and created this light gradient I actually really like.

These are the colors I used for this mani:

We are nearly half-way of this challenge, and I'm loving it. Check the other designs I did for this challenge here. What do you think of this design and this way of creating gradients. For people like me who aren't really a friend of sponging I think it's quite a good idea. Don't forget to share and like. Comment if you have any questions or just to speak out your opinion. Happy polishing!

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