June 18, 2013

June Nail Art Challenge – Day 18: Sparkles (Rainbow hex glitter)

Hey lovelies! Today's mani is another design for nail art June. I bought this pack of hexagon glitter ages ago at Banggood which you can buy here. I've been wanting to use them but I never find the time to actually sit and make a full glitter mani design. As today's theme for the June nail art challenge was ''sparkles'' I decided it would be a perfect excuse to try them out.

Yesterday I painted my nails black ( Black to the Roots - Catrice) because firstly I was going to do a galaxy for today's theme, but then I remembered ''Hey! Glitter!!!!!''. So over my black base color I placed on each nail a different color of hexagon glitter. I applied them with a small dotting tool and yes on both of my hands - my left hand doesn't look this well but it's acceptable.

I really like how they turned out and it was my firts time doing this, I mean I had never put lose glitter one by one covering my whole nails and I didn't fail!!! What do you think? I'm really pleased, I just hope the glitter doesn't fall out and they last at least a day.

These are the different glitters I used for this design, as I said you can find them at Banggood and they aren't expensive at all.

I can't stop looking at my nails! Shine bright like hexagon glitter! Well guys if you liked this design don't forget to share with your friends and follow me on facebook, twitter, tumblr and instagram. Happy polishing!