June 4, 2013

June Nail Art Challenge - Day 4: Flowers

It's time for a new mani for June challenge. The theme for today's design was flowers and I've wanted to recreate this design by Wondrously Polished. i feel the need to say Lindsey is one of my favorite nail artists if not my favorite ever! She did this design for February challenge.

This is how they turned out and I'm really pleased with them. I tried to use a similar palette of colours as Wondrously Polished because she got inspired by an art work you can find here. They are amazing you should check them out! 

They are easy to do I will upload a tutorial on them probably tomorrow so you can make your own versions with different colors. Also don't you think it's a perfect design for summer? Even if it isnt's summer yet it will soon be and I really can't wait.

These are the colors I used for this flowered design. I think they really look well together, don't you? 

I hope you like this design, it was really quick to do actually so don't hesitate to try them after I upload my tutorial tomorrow. Keep tuned. Don't forget to like, share and comment if you have any questions or suggestions.


  1. I'm so flattered you recreated these! They look great :)

    Edit: You have catpcha verification on for your comments and that can deter people from commenting. I had the same thing happen to me and didn't even realize! :)