June 28, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, Singfònics!

Hey guys! I think most of you don't know that I'm into music, a lot. I sing in a vocal grup called Singfònics and today we have a concert in my city.  I would invite you all to come but well I think it's a bit far away for you all.

I did a special design for the concert and I've totally forgoten to do the day 27 challenge for the nail art june. I think I'll have to mash up day 27 and day 30, I don't really know how but I'll think something. Any idea on how to mix sunglasses and sea foam.. LOL

I did a light gradient that well didn't turn out that well... and an accent nail with our logo. Check out our web to listen to some of our stuff. Thsese are the colors I used for this design. I used the greens that represent us, we always dress in black and green!

I hope that you enjoy our videos, if you watch them... Well lovelies happy polishing and wish me luck tonight!

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