July 26, 2013

Rainbow Tie Dye

Hey guys! I know I'm not posting as much as I should but that will change. I'm totally on holiday now as I've finished my afternoons job.

I am leaving on a trip to a house in the mountains with my friends of the choir I'm in so I did a quick mani before leaving. I chose to do a tie dye design, I had already done one before and I really liked it and today I used similar colors but it turned out better than the first time.

What do you think about the color combination better than my last tie dye mani? I really like how all the colors just pop out ant look so summerish! I really enjoy doing this tie dye technique.

These are the colors I used featuring my new awesome yellow polish I bought the other day:

Have a nice weekend and I hope you liked this design. Happy polishing!