November 11, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 26: Inspired By A Pattern (Sherlock's Wall)

Hey guys! I am really happy to show you my first Sherlock related mani. It's been some time since I've wanted to do one and I found the perfect excuse! I inspired this design on the pattern on Sherlock's wall.

The design of course has been simplified to fit my nails and to make it less complex. If I hadn't done that it would have been a total mess. The actual design in the TV show is more complex than this.

This is just the first Sherlock design I've done but not the last. When the third season airs, let me think that will be like in 100 years time at this rythm, I'll probably do another one. I hope you enjoyed this design. Do you watch Sherlock (BBC), I have to admit I AM SHERLOCKED! I really recommend it. Have a nice week and happy polishing.

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