April 13, 2013

Water Lilies Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to do water lilies on you nails. Let’s get the show started!

1. Pick a base coat to protect your nails and a base color for your design.
2. With white poish create the petals with little strokes it’s easy.
3. With a yellow pastel go over the white petals to make two tones.
4. Put some bright yellow in the middle of the flower to make the centre.
5. Go over it with white and yellow to make the outside of the flower.
6. To do the leaf pick up a dark green and go around the flower making an oval shape
7. Go over it with some strokes of pastel green, creating like this a texture.
8. Apply your favorite top coat and DONE!
These are the colours that I used for this mani:

 I hope you liked this tutorial and you try it yourselves! Happy Polishing!

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