April 16, 2013

Purple Nails for Boston

This purple for Boston is going around Instagram and I had to do it. I heard this morning and it’s terrible. What’s the matter with this world? I have no words, I mean it’s a marathon, running, sport, health… who would want to ruin such an event? I send my best wishes to all the families affected by this tragedy.
Today I bought this new silver holographic polish from KIKO and I couldn’t wait to swatch it, but when I saw the purple theme on Instagram I decided to get my new Catrice polish Shopping Day At Bluemingdales, a kind of violet color and put it straight away for Boston. It doesn’t really show here with this light but it isn’t blue, even though it looks like blue. Damm flash…

I thought the colors were gorgeous but they needed something else so I added some squares with a light purple also from KIKO. And they turned out really nice. The holo is amazing and the pastel purple just gives it a fresher look.

These are the colors I used for this mani. I had to take the picture without a flash because the purple keep showing like it was blue! And it isn’t!!!
I hope you enjoyed this mani and you send all your best wishes for the families in Boston. Don't forget to share, like and comment if you have any questions or suggestions. Happy polishing.

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