April 25, 2013

Deadly Sins Challenge – Day 1: Lust (Outfit Inspired)

Hello my lovelies. Well today I am starting this challenge. Day 1 theme is ”Be a bad girl and make something you have wanted to do soo badly”. I’ve seen lots of people making outfit inspired nails so I’ve wanted to do them for ages. The design is inspired in a wonderful summer dress I bought some time ago and I LOVE to wear. It’s sexy, cute and sweet and really really comfortable.

The colours of my design aren’t really the same as my dress… that means…. I should probably buy more polish ha ha ha! Any excuse is a good one.

Here’s a close up of the pattern so you can see it in more detail:

Well and as this mani is outfit inspired i should have been wearing my dress but weather today is totally shit, raining and cold. I relly can't wait for summer to come! Here you have a little selfie where I am wearing my dress, I put it on specially to show you guys.

Here are the colors I used for this design. I know I have been using these colors a lot lately, but I'm just in love with them. Don't worry I am planning on using  more warm colours for my following manicures, I still have to use my new oranges from Essence and Catrice.

I am planning on uploading a tutorial on this flowered design. Keep tunned in! Don't forget to share, like and comment and check out the other designs for the challenge! Happy polishing!

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