April 14, 2013

Game of Thrones

Well today let’s get a bit nerdy. I did a Game Of Thrones mani. I am totally obsessed with this TV show and I had to do some nail art for it. I decided to do the main families sigils. I picked Stark, Targaryen, Lannister and Baratheon. They didn’t quite turn out how I expected but oh well things never go as planned.

My index finger is a wolf for house Stark from the north, my middle finger is a dragon’s head for house Targaryen from Valyria, ring finger is supposed to be a lion’s head… I know you would never tell… well this lion head is for house Lannister from King’s Landing and on my pinky stag’s horns for house Baratheon from the Stormlands.
On my thumb I decided to write GoT the initials of the TV show over a base color that I had never worn yet. It’s Genius In The Bottle by Catrice and it just looks amazing and really fits the mani.

Lots of things could be improved in this mani but, as it’s said, practice makes perfect so I won’t stop practicing until one day I can draw perfect lions’ heads, lol.

Here are all the colors I used for this design including this wonderful duochrome by Catrice which turns like green and then gold and blue with light it’s just gorgeous.

Do you watch de show? Let me know if you liked my mani and what you think about Game Of Thrones.
What do we say to death? Not today. But what do we say to polish? I want you everyday. Don't forget to share, like and comment if you have any question or suggestion for me. Happy polishing!

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