April 23, 2013

Sant Jordi!

Happy Sant Jordi day to all! I guess most of you are thinking, what the hell is she talking about? Well let me explain. I live in Catalunya and on the 23 of April we celebrate Saint Gorge/Sant Jordi which is the patron saint of Catalunya.

I’ll explain a bit my design. Sant Jordi is the day of the rose and the book. So men buy roses for women and women buy books to men. Why, you will be asking? The legend says that a dragon had a village terrified and to keep it controled they offered a sacrifice to feed the monster. One day the person who had to be given to the dragon was the princess. The story says, that when the dragon was going to eat her, Saint George appeared and saved her, killing the dragon. From the blood of the dragon a rose bush was born and Saint George gave a rose to the princess and the village was saved.

My accent nail is the flag of Catalonia as we are also celebrating a important patriotic day as Sant Jordi is our saint patron.

Here’s a close up of my nail so you can see the little roses I did. The flash doesn’t show the colors of the roses but you can see them a bit better from close.

These are the colors I used for my design including a new red my sister bought:

I hope you like this design and you enjoyed the story behind it. If you have any questions about this tradition ask me, don’t forget to like and comment. And again Happy Sant Jordi to all of you!

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