November 28, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 29 Inspired By The Supernatural (Know Your Symbols)

Hey guys! I'm back, sorry for taking so long to continue with my 31 day challenge designs. I've had problems with my latptop and I had to take it to get it repared. But I'm here now with a new design. The first I can think about when reading this theme is of course Supernatural the TV show, which I really like. I made a Supernatural inspired mani some time ago, Castiel nails to be accurate. This time I chose the symbols of the show.

I think this mani has been the quickest to make in some time. They were quite easy even if they look quite complex and elaborate, they were actually quite simple to do. Maybe the hardest thing to do was the design on my thumb because it had tiny details which took a bit longer than the rest.

I really like how they look and the matte just makes them... i don't know I like them mattified. These were the colors I used for this design, the matte top coat is from Flormar.

I hope you liked this design. I realise this is the second design in a row inspired by a TV show... I know I have an addiction problem but hey! the frist step is to accept it. Well I am nearly done with the challenge, I have lots of ideas to come so keep tuned! Happy polishing!

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