November 23, 2013

The Day Of The Doctor

Hi guys! Just as promissed I am posting a new design for today. Today is 23rd of November and it's Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary! As you all know I am a huge Doctor Who fan, you have all seen my previous Doctor Who nails. I had to celebrate this special occasion with a nail design didn't I?

I did an orange galaxy as a base and then painted a scarf inspired by the one the 4th Doctor used to wear during the sow. Then I just wrote HAPPY 50th as it was printed on the scarf. On my thumb I did the Doctor Who logo which turned out pretty good.

On my other hand I just did some candles with the same colors as the scarf but I wasn't able to take a good photo of my right hand, the pose looked weird and well I just gave up. For this design I have used tons of colors, just like always when I do galaxies as a base for other designs. These are all the colors used:

It's just a few hours until the 50th Anniversary special episode is on and I really can't wait!! I'm so excited. Is anyone else a whovian around here? Will you be watching it tonight? I hope you liked this design and have a nice day! Enjoy the episode if you are watching it and happy polishing!

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