November 17, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 28: Inspired By A Flag (Warholian Union Jack)

Hey guys! Today's theme for the 31 day Challenge was inspired by a flag. At first I thought I would do the Catalan flag but I already did it this September for the ''Diada Catalana''. I decided to represent my other half. As some of you may know I'm half English, so I decided to inspire my design in the Union Jack.

I decided to make the original flag and then I tried different color combinations, as if it was an Andy Warhol artwork. I tried to use really britght colors for the rest of the designs as I really want them to stand out. For the original flag I used the most accurate colors I found in my stash. These are all the colors I used in order of appearance:

The first color combination listed above is the one I used for my thumb.

What do you think about this colorful design? It wasn't easy to paint but I had lots of fun with all the different color combinations, they look very psychedelic. I hope you liked it too and that you had a wonderful weekend. Happy polishing!

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