November 22, 2013

Go Moustaches (Movember Nails)

Hey guys! I can't believe it's been that long... I mean nearly a week. I promisse I will try to compensate you. I will just say that tomorrow you will have another post, yes two posts in a row! Let's wait to see tomorrow's design and lets focus on the one I have today. Today's nails are for the Movember movement, which raises awareness of men's health issues. And of course I did moustaches, which is what all this is about.

It's just a simple design which turned out quite cute. It's the first time I've actually succeeded at paiting mustaches. I tried doing a Movember design last year and all the moustaches I tried doing turned out looking uneven and asymmetric. But these look good enough don't you thinkg?

I used brown as a base color and specially this one because it's neither too dark or too light and it contrasted perfectly with this gold sparkly polish from the same collection. These are the colors:

I hope you liked this simple design and I'm looking forward to continue with the 31 day challenge but that will have to wait a little because tomorrow's design is very special and has to be done tomorrow. WHO can guess?

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