March 29, 2014

Warm Pshcychedelia

Hello guys! How is the weekend going? I have spent most of my Saturday studying for my phonetics exam but a girl needs a break right? I did a rather cool design the other day inspired by a psychedelic pattern.

I wanted to do something colorful and bright now that spring has finally started. I found this awesome picture of a pattern and I was blown away, the colors were great and I had to do it on my nails.

As you can see I've kept this new hand pose. I struggle with my handpose since day one. My fingers and hands are really square and I can't get them to look nice. This one, however, looks quite natural and pretty. But I would like to know your opinion on it.

 I feel quite happy with how this design turned out and many people have said they look cool. It's something quite different from what I do normally but I think it looks awesome. I'm feeling optimistic today... must be my hair (I went to the hairdressers yesterday and I feel fab).

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to do some more springish designs now that the weather is getting better! Happy polishing!

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