March 15, 2014

Striped Neon

Hey guys! How is everything going? I'm happy to say that I'm not so stressed as the other day and that I found some time to sit down, watch some of my favorite TV shows and pain my nails. Today I'm bringing a fun and bright mani perfect for spring, which in fact is nearly here so don't tell me it's not spring yet.

The design is just some simple lines and some random colors but don't they all look nice together? Furthermore I absolutely love how seen from different angles it just looks like a complete different design. Check it out:

 Uhh nice colors warm and they look nice together, but wait look from the other angle and baaam! yellow and this wonderful green I have hardly used and it's amazing!

They look like the colors you would find on a beach towel or ball, or maybe a balloon. I don't know they just felt right together. Although they are colors I don't use that much, like the green or the orangish strange coral color (Orange Cosmos by Astor) they are colors I love and look fab. And in this next photo I see how much I love Astor and their 1,99€ offers right?

I hope you liked this design and that you have a wonderful weekend. I will spend mine studying, and in my bed, and well eating of course. I've got to go because I smell popcorn!! Ignore my randomness, don't know what's wrong with me today. What I do know is how straight my lines look!! Have a nice day lovelies and happy polishing!

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