March 23, 2014

Princess Anna's Dress

Hi guys! I'm sorry I've been so absent this month. I mean four posts, I'm just overwhelmed with work. I managed to have some time at night, late late at night, to do a quick design. I was inspired by Anna's dress from Frozen.

I have to admit I was not very satisfied with this design and the picture I took at 1am is not even a good picture. I am pretty happy with the neatness of the lines between the base green and the middle green. I didn't quite copy the design it was too big and complex but the idea is similar.

I'm struggling lately with my handpose, it's not really practical and I find that the nails are not the centre of attention so I'm trying new ones like this one. Just bare with me while I try different things until I find the best fit for me.

I quite like this but I don't know if it looks natural on me. What do you think of this hand pose? However not all about this mani is bad. I really like the design I did on my thumb. It's inspired by the floral pattern Anna has on her chest.

Not the best of my designs but still, I liked it enough to keep it. I have so much things prepared to go on the blog I just don't have time to edit and write. I just can't wait to finish this month and go back to normal life. I hope you liked this mani and you have a nice day. Happy polishing!