April 2, 2014

Mother of Dragons

Hello guys! We are halfway through the week and I managed to do some nail art during my study breaks. I had my phonetics exam today and I hope it went well. Let's get to the pont though. I did this great design inspired by dragon scales now that season four of Game of Thrones is near. I can't wait, are you as excited as I am?

Not long time ago a friend of mine said she would like me to do her nails. She wanted dragon scales. That gave me the inspiration for this design. Now that I have tried it on me and I've succeeded, at least I think I have, I can try to do it on her.

I really like how they turned out. I've wanted to do a scale themed design for sometime long but, until my friend gave me the dragon idea, I had only thought aboout fish scales in blues or purples. But dragons scales are much more fun.

The colors were a bit of a pain to achieve, I did tons of combinations and I used a bunch of colours. At the end the colours were just perfect.

I have some news to give to you all soon I can't wait, you will know on Monday! Until then I will keep it a secret. I hope you have a nice second half of the week, see you soon with a tutorial on this mani and other designs. Happy polishing!


  1. VERY pretty! I Was SO excited about the new season.. And the first episode didn't disappoint ;)

    1. Thanks! I thought the first episode had a great end but the rest was a bit slow. But at least it seems it will be an interesting season