March 10, 2014

Art Deco

Hey guys! I'm here after an intense week. I've been going to Barcelona everyday from 7pm until 11pm for my temporary job. But the most intense part of it has ended and I had some time for an elaborate design.

This design was inspired by a wodnerful nailartist which I have recently discovered. Her name is Jenny aka 10 Blank Canvases, and she is incredible. She got her inspiration from different Art Deco designs and I have to admit it's wonderful, my favorite is my middle finger. I also love the design on my thumb.

I managed to do quite neat and straight lines which I'm quite proud of, as they are not my forte. The colors look really good together and they are so bright. I tried to get them close to my inspiration and these are all the ones I used.

From now until the end of March I have quite a lot of work with this job, exams and my classes but I will manage to do some nail art. I hope you liked this design, and don't forget to check Jenny's blog. Have a wonderful week and happy polishing!

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