October 19, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 23: Inspired By A Movie (Across The Universe)

Hey guys! Time for a new design fo the 31 day Challenge. Today's mani was inspired by a film ''Across The Universe'' one of my favorite films ever.

I got my inspiration from the strawberry on the cover of the film and the galaxy background. My thumb is the art piece the main character makes listening to ''Strawberry Fields Forever''.

Ignore the rest of the photo, just look at the nail. I burnt myself with an iron the other day. I really liked doing this design because when I started doing nail art I did something similar which I won't show ha ha ha!

These are the colors I used for this design, the blues for the galaxy and reds and greens for the strawberries.

What do you think guys? Have you seen the film? If not I really recommend it if you like musicals and The Beatles. I hope you enjoy it if you watch it and I hope you liked my design inspired by Across The Universe. Happy polishing!

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