October 8, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 20: Watermarble

Hey guys! I finally found some time to do my nails. I've been postponing this last mani for the second phase of the 31 day Challenge for too long! Me and the watermarble technique aren't really friends but it's a challenge and I have to do every single design! So this was the result of I think the more acceptable and decent watermarble I've done.

I know they aren't the best watermarble you have seen but I'm quite proud, it shows I'm improving my techniques with the challenge and that's what all this is about. My index finger is the one that sucks less I think.

These are the three colors I used. I've found that of all the polishes I own, Catrice is the best for watermarbling.

I really needed to do my nails. It had been five days guys!! FIVE DAYS!! I have a new design to upload soon starting the third phase of the nail art Challenge, I'm so excited with all the themes. Have a nice week and happy polishing!


  1. Wow, you and the technique aren´t friends?? No way, it´s awesome! :)

    1. Well they could be better. I really don't like the process of watermarbling, if you nail it it looks awesome but if you don't like me you waste a lot of polish and it's a mess. But thanks anyway :)