October 12, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 21: Inspired By A Color (I Feel Sexy)

Hey guys! It's time for a new design for the 31 day Challenge, today I'm starting the third and last phase of the challenge with a hot and sexy design inspired by one of the best reds I own ''Feme Fatal'' by Essence.

I thought the name of the color was sexy enough to inspire a design like this. My nails feel seeeexy! And saying this they also remind me of The Rock Horror Picture Show, one of the last scenes where they are all wearing corsets ang singing and Brad says ''I feel sexy''. However the name of the color just gave me the perfect idea and I loved doing this design it was so fun and ended up looking really well. I'm even showing you how my thumb turned out:

As I told you before the color I used was Feme Fatal by Essence, it's one of the first red polishes I bought and still one of the favorites I own, it even made it into My Top 10.

I hope you enjoyed this design and you are lookig forward for more. Have a nice weekend and happy polishing to you all!

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