April 15, 2014

Dragon Scales Tutorial

Hello guys! As I already told you on the previous post I made a tutorial on the dragon scale nails I did some time ago. It's not the easiest of designs but with practice everyone can rock these nails!

I know it seems quite difficult at the beginning, in fact it's not that difficult but it takes time to do a design like this.

1. With a light brown, black or whatever color you want outline the shape of the scales. Start with a little triangle on the tip and nearly at the tip of the triangle you draw two more on the sides. The scale shape will appear when you have more than one triangle surrounding a triangle.

2. Following the lines you did in step 1 and using the colors you like the most fill in the scales. You can alternate the different shades or you can use just a color as a base and another color for accents. Fill in the whole nail and try to cover the outlining.

3. With a darker shade, I used brown, outline each and every scale carfully. Don't worry if your lines don't come out neat you can always fix them.

4. Add a top coat when they are dry and you have the nails of the Mother of Dragons!

You can use this tutorial for a fish or mermaid scale design, you just have to change the triangles for half circles and you have it. Also the color palette you use for this design is huge, I mean you can invent a purple and pink dragon if you like. I decided to mix lots of greens with metallic shades to get the scale effect.

 These are all the colors I used including the browns for the outlining. You can either use a shiny top coat or a matte top coat. When I posted this design I used a shiny one but later I mattified them and they look amazing.

I hope you find this tutorial useful and that you try it out. Don't foget to tagg me on instagram #thenailartshow or comment right here so I can see your mother of dragons nails. Have a great day and happy polishing!

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