April 14, 2014

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge - Day 3: Warm vs Cool

Happy Monday guys! It's my first official day on holiday and I couldn't have spend it doing more things. I've organized my closet, got rid of all the clothes I didn't want anymore and I cleanded all my room. What a morning I had. However this afternoon I am going window shopping to Barcelona.

Today is Monday and that means Lindsey and I are posting our new designs for the NAGG challenge. Today's theme was warm vs. cool colors. At first I wasn't very inspired by this theme but I ended up doing a mosaic design which you will love.

I love how this design turned out. The colors and how neat my lines are starting to look. I enjoyed painting this design but doing the shapes to fill in later was quite of a pain.

I like how you can really see the contrast between the warm and the cold colors. The warmest color is right opposit to the coolest.

I'm really enjoying this challenge. It's helping me be more organized and trying new things. That's the point right? I hope you are enjoying the designs too. Keep tuned for a tutorial this week on how to do a dragon scale design like in Mother Of Dragons.

Don't forget to check Lindsey's design in the inlinkz below. Have a great week and happy polishing!


  1. this is really amazing. the lines are beyond neat, now, they're perfect! love this design so much!