January 26, 2014

Vintage Floral Tutorial

Hello lovelies! I have a tutorial  on my vintage floral design for you today. I told you I would post it soon and here you are.

1. Paint your nails with your favorite base coat and paint them black or any other dark color like brown or navy blue.

2. For the flowers you need three shades for each color of flower. You can mix them until you find the three shades that you need for each flower. These are the colors for the pink flowers.

3. With the lightest color paint some abstract shapes, not perfect circles just get your brush and create random irregular spots.

4. With the other two darker shades just paint over with random strokes just like this:

5. Repeat with all the colors you want and then add a top coat and you have already finished this easy floral design.

These are all the colours used for this design. Try and get three colors that are really similar so you have three shades for each flower. If not you can mix them together to make them look more the same.

I hope you try this design. Let me know if you do, you can tag me on instagram #thenailartshow or just comment here or on my facebook page so I can see your designs. Have a lovely day and happy polishing!

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